Client Comments

“I think you’re amazing! You are very wise and lead with both heart and integrity.” D.C. Victoria, B.C


“Lelle’s work cuts to the core of what’s really important in dealing with life’s issues.” P.M.


“….wanted to thank you again for yesterday…very insightful and uplifting.” A.C. Victoria, B.C


“Some people are able to read others like leaves on a tree, Lelle is able to go to the trunk of the tree-the heart of the matter.” J.S.


“Lelle has a rare gift to provide insight that guides us through the trials & challenges of life.” W.M. Arizona


“What I felt since a few weeks – was in her reading – impressive – a true master – I highly recommend her. (Lelle) you are really amazing with your work.” M.S. Sidney, BC


“Your medicine is helping people see more clearly and then move to express that.” -Ohki Forrest (Shamanic medicine woman from the Yucatan)


“You have the gifts of the Spirit to bring to others.” -Hans Christian King


” You have a ministry of your own, you have a people love that is just outstanding” -Reverend Ireland